Dacca Ceramics has started its journey back in 1969. With major fallbacks during the liberation war, the company began to reshape after the independence of Bangladesh. Dacca Ceramics began its full operation in 1974 and became the first ceramic sanitaryware company of Bangladesh. Since then, it opened a new chapter in the country’s ceramics industry.

For 50 years now, Dacca Ceramics has been the leader in the country’s ceramics industry providing home and business solution for sanitary ware. With a strong and professional team of individuals, the company has proved itself as the most reputed and trustworthy company of the ceramics industry in Bangladesh.

The company believes in product innovation and constantly strives to improve its process to ensure high-quality products that are cost-effective, durable and come with a wide range of designs. The products are water-efficient and meet worldwide standards. Vitrification process is applied to all the products to make the ceramic ware impermeable to water and to give a mirror-like shining. As a result, all the products of Dacca Ceramics are vitreous.

Dacca Ceramics is a customer oriented company. Customer satisfaction is the first priority of the company. With a trusted legacy of five decades and still counting, Dacca Ceramics stays on the forefront for its craft, combining product innovation and a culture of customer service excellence to provide quality products and services. 

Dacca Ceramics never compromises when it comes to quality, the product quality is paramount. Quality control and quality assurance are the two defining characteristics of the company. To ensure the gravity of seriousness, the company provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. And as recognition, Dacca Ceramics along with its products have been certified by ISO 9001:2015 and BSTI.