In 1969 Mr. Abdul Hai came forward to do something revolutionary for his country. The idea was to do something for the betterment of the society. During that time when the initiative to establish Dacca Ceramics was taken, the country has started going towards a political unrest.

In 1971, everything fell apart, the machines were damaged, the factory was destroyed and the materials were lost during our war of liberation. After the independence, when the country began to reform itself, a challenge was taken to rebuild the company in a new manner.

The reconstruction process began in 1974. The first batch of machinery came from Germany and soon after that Dacca Ceramics was able to produce 300 pieces of ceramic sanitarywares per day. Back then they only produced****. In 1984 the production of *** Kiln and **** began which increased the daily number of production to 600 pieces.

The second batch of machinery that came from the UK helped to improve the quality, durability, and design. It also boosts the company to increase its production to 650 pieces per day. Dacca Ceramics is determined to increase the production quantity to 1400 pieces per day by the end of 2020.